The ZOX Pro Challenge – Surprise me!

I claim that ZOX Pro Training can help you do virtually anything in life.

I am throwing down the gauntlet.

Your challenge is to find something POSITIVE that ZOX Pro Training cannot help you do.

Rules of Engagement:

We all know you wouldn’t use ZOX Pro Training for something negative, because of the boomerang effect.  So, that type of objective will not be considered.

The objective is for you to present issues or topics that occur within your life that you want solutions to.  (These must be one person issues, unless you are the ruler of a country, and actually make the decisions.)

Lengthy or convoluted scenarios will not be treated as credible.  So please be to the point and keep your objective to 2 or 3 lines.

Please make your entry in the comment section below this article on Entries made by email or other communications will not be considered.


So, your objective is to present a problem that you need a solution to.  My objective is to give you a solution using ZOX Pro Training methods that include ZOXingMental Photography, and Brain Management applications.

As I reply to them with answers, they will appear in the comment section.

Great Things Happen Here!


  • Phillip Churelington

    How do I get ready for next tax season in time?

    • Phillip Churelington,

      Please take a look at my reply for Peter Bartel. That is the first thing that applies here. Second is you need to find direction. That direction is likely to be people that are professionals. To find the BEST direction for you to take, you would implement that need into programming; to give you the path you must seek. That path may indicate professionals and/or mentors that can show you what to do.

      But first, you need to purchase the training so that you understand what it is all about.

  • I really would like to purchase the product but you have no marketing outlet in the Philippines. My biggest problem; I don’t have credit card.

  • This is a fun, tongue-in-cheek, yet sincere challenge. I was born with a neural-muscular disorder that has kept me in a wheelchair since about age 5. I’m willing to challenge that ZOX Pro can’t cure it or even give me more strength!

    • Stanley Stauffer,

      First, a couple of things:
      1 Disclaimer: We are not Medical Doctors, nor do we diagnose or proscribe this in any way for health applications. We do however share what our previous clients claim have helped them.
      2 Medical Doctors are not about to commit to anyone that they will cure them, so why would you be asking such a question of us?
      3 By bringing this into a public forum, we cannot go into certain detail. So, if I am too brief for your liking, I apologize in advance.


      Over time, plenty of new approaches to complex problems of the type you have have been found. For the purpose of increasing your overall well-being, you would most likely consider researching for yourself and offering up alternative suggestions to your practitioner.

      First and foremost is your attitude. You may have thought I would consider the physical first, but one of the most destructive forces that may be affecting you is guilt. Self imposed guilt is very quiet, and it builds up over time. We may excuse guilt as other things, but it keeps us from being our best.

      Guilt gives you the weight of the world sitting on your shoulders. IF you ever want to allow the door to any other physical reality to open, you must first deal with any guilt you may possess. That is done in a combination of ways with the ZOX Pro System.

      Attitude adjustments can be addressed with programming. But even more important would be the ZOXing, Mental Photography, to not only give yourself the superior knowledge, but also to strengthen your brain. By exercising and strengthening your brain, you equip yourself with the optimal ability to change your reality.

      For you, this may have been approached with tongue in cheek. But I want you to have a comprehensive understanding as to what your maneuvers should be, no matter what modality you use. You should not settle for less if you have better alternatives.

      ZOX Pro Training will NOT cure you or give you more strength. ONLY you can do those things. ZOX Pro is the device that opens those doors.

      Miracles happen every day all around us. We must open our eyes and heart to see them.

      I wish you well.

  • I would like to get through all the books on my shelf once and for all. I have collected them over the years, but find that I read at a sublingualization pace and with all the overwhelming issues in my life, I am simply overburdened by the idea of even starting.

    I would like to learn to program in a few computer programming languages, Java, C++, Lisp, Python, Ryby. Learning to speak and write on a diplomatic level German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Persian, and Russian would be helpful too.

    I would like to be certified to fly a jet, get my black belt in kung-fu and aikido, learn enough about my body to heal my chronic pain, and ultimately be the leading developer of luxury flying cars and be the first company to successfully commercially mine asteroids and build the first hotel on an asteroid.

    I have tried speed reading courses and I am simply unable to get past sublingualization. Poetry is something I enjoy, but not all of things in life, allow for the space and time to contemplate and feel each word.

    I need to be able to remember and comprehend and do it quickly. I get frustrated spending hours reading a few pages only to know that I will soon forget what I read. Especially the details.

    • Elisandro,

      This is the reason why I wanted only a few lines. Even though insightful, the only information I needed was the first and last paragraph.

      From one who knows; the only thing you mentioned that you ENJOY doing is poetry. If you want to be successful in life, find what makes you happy and stick with it. The beautiful thing about the Mental Photography, ZOXing, is it will give you a much deeper appreciation for your poetry.

      Sure poetry does not sound that exciting, but if you could extract 100 times the value of a single poem, it would forever change your life. That is what ZOX Pro Training would do for you.

      As for the exciting things you want to do, ZOX Pro Training will equip you to take those on as you choose. Everything begins with information.

      Good luck with constructing your life. Start with ZOX Pro.


  • I do many things in public where I attend church services. I want to become move comfortable/confident at doing all of these things (preaching, public speaking, leading public prayer, etc.)

    • Kerry,

      This is the type of subject I was looking for.

      First, I do want to elaborate that ZOX Pro Training is for anyone. Since ZOX Pro Training is NOT presented in a religious setting, people from all walks of life and religions easily gain without any added stress.

      You are mainly dealing with 2 encumbrances. The first is stress, but the second, and is actually causing most of the stress is FEAR. Fear defeats you before you begin. If you understand the nature of your fear, and how to counter it, you lessen the degree of fear, so you can overcome it. Once you find a way to overcome your fear, your confidence will build strength.

      Here is a list of fears that are common to your circumstances:
      Fear of rejection
      Fear of lack of intelligent information
      Fear of making a mistake

      Even one of these will stop you.


      When you have a superior source of information, your fear will decrease. If you are coming from a point of strength, you will find the strength within you. Using ZOX Pro Training, you would be ZOXing the appropriate information that you want pull from. ZOXing, Mental Photography, will give you a much deeper understanding than you will ever gain by just reading. Your objective would be to gain a superior level of information to be impeccable and unimpeachable.

      Once you gain a strong sense of information, and have used programming (a relative to prayer) to bolster your direction, the idea of rejection or making mistakes will not matter. Remember, you cannot satisfy all people at all times. Even top people make mistakes. Take them on board so that you don’t make them again.

      To answer your question with regards to your way of thinking about such things, “To thine own self be true”.


  • I am in premedical course in Europe and I want to be able to mentally photograph and recall everything from my text books.

    • Peter Bartels,

      This is the best way to look at it: Information is information is information.

      The more you use the ZOXing, Mental Photography, you will automatically find there really is not any difference between types of information. The difference is the VALUE you bestow upon it. Your implied importance of a subject can actually keep you away from having it accessible. This is happening because you have put a certain amount of STRESS on your results.

      Example: When you have a word on the tip of your tongue, it is stress that causes the “lock-up”. When you relax, the word comes out – when you no longer need it.

      Programming will assist you to pre-empt your objectives so you do not have such problems.


  • I have issues with getting women into my life
    due to lack of confidence and a lot of bad experiences

    • Daniel,

      There are many issues when dealing with the opposite sex. The main one is the stress, that is naturally added when you are wanting to find a partner.

      The Lack of confidence just makes the stress worst.

      Programming: It is better if you take the time to focus on your own attributes, and correcting for any deficiencies you see there first. This will mean working on yourself, and putting away your desire for the right partner momentarily. After you move yourself to be the person that you would like to see yourself as, others that see through to the real you will naturally be attracted to you.

      Have you ever heard, “When 1 door shuts, 100 others open”? This is very true with relationships. You just need to be at your best when the doors open. So work on yourself first. As you work on yourself, your self confidence will automatically increase. By understanding yourself better, your stress will decrease, thus allowing your RIGHT partner to come through the door.

      Good Luck navigating the “minefield”.


  • I feel I won’t be able to read the number of books a day that’s required to learn to mentally photograph at least 25,000 words a minute when I do the course. Maybe some can but I won’t be able too. And I’m not going in this to fail. I truly wish I can do it though!

    • Johnn,

      You have many misconceptions regarding the training:

      Either you commit to do the work, or you will not get results.
      25,000 words per minute is where Mental Photography, ZOXing, STARTS. You do not build up to it.
      “If you can, or if you can’t,… You are right!” – Henry Ford
      You must approach this with commitment and discipline.
      Only YOU can do the work. I cannot do it for you.

  • Hi,
    I can no longer pay my $6000 monthly expenses(that’s before eating). My photography business has fallen off a cliff. I am in debt, advertising with borrowed money & no response. My income this year so far has only been 16K.
    Losing it all soon:(

  • Hello;
    How can this help to manifest all I want ?
    For some reason unknown even to hypnosis, is that even being a very talented person, I’ll keep “Sabotaging” myself from success.

    • Dario,

      It could be many things that get in your way. I will touch on one of them.

      Sometimes people are misguided with what they think they want. In truth, those things may inadvertently lead a person down the wrong path, even a dangerous path. Your subconscious has the ability to protect you from stepping too far into the quicksand.

      The way you would use ZOX Pro Training for this would be:

      ZOX to procure the information that pertains to your ambitions. This also exercises your brain to make it work better.
      You can support your efforts with programming.

      Your solution will be unique to you. When someone points out self-sabotage in this way, it usually means the list you have been using is the wrong list, or if it is the right list for you, you are implementing it the wrong way.

      Good Luck on your path. Surprises yet to come.


  • I want confidence with women and I want social confidence.

    • Jorge,

      I replied to a similar question from Daniel. Please refer to my reply to Daniel. It covers what you are asking for.

  • ‘the kingdom of heaven is within’, How do we find it or as it is already within us fully open up to it. And why are very few of us able to do so. Cheers

    • Brody,

      It IS within, as you have put it.

      Most people find they are confused and confounded by a plethora of obstacles that have been created to be in their way of finding it. These are based in belief systems. Lies that keep us “in our place”. Misdirection of what simple pleasures in life are.

      ZOX Pro Training gives many things that will clear the way, and bring you to the door for you to open. – Heaven within.

      Keep in mind, ZOX Pro is the method. It is the door opener. You still have complete choice to go through or not.

      ZOXing gives you superior information to base your decisions.
      By exercising and strengthening your brain lifts the cloud of indecision, and cleans out the cobwebs.
      Your preferred direction can be detected via programing.

      It is all covered in the one training.

      See you there on the “enlightened path”.


  • I am in love with a girl. She is confused as to whether she loves me or not and keeps getting mixed thoughts about me. She keeps breaking my heart because of this reason. What can I do?

    • Tanveer,

      Learn ZOX Pro Training for starters. Here is why:

      You will be able to draw from superior information to make better decisions.
      As a result, your self-esteem and self-confidence will grow.
      In turn, you will find that there are plenty of alternatives to you being the person receiving the short end of the stick in your relationship.
      If she cannot make up her mind, then that suggests she is waiting for something better, in her opinion, to come along.
      (Sorry to give you the news.)

      Ultimately, your part time girlfriend will be the one who loses out, as you will continue to grow into a better person by using the training.

      Keep this thought in mind: When 1 door closes, 100 others open.

      Create the best life for yourself. You will attract people that appreciate your efforts, and appreciate the person you are.


  • I would like to know how to get rid of procrastination once and for all in order to increase my online business income. I feel overwhelmed and don’t want to do the things I know I have to do!

    How can ZOX Pro Training help me do that?

    • Alex,

      Procrastination is a conscious level function. You will continue to procrastinate until you start turning your “jobs” over to your subconscious to carry out. ZOX Pro Training specializes in strengthening your brain, and we show you how to implement these strategies.


  • I am 59 and an ice skater who, in practise can do my required spins and double jumps, but as soon as I get to competition I fail, because of nerves. I want to be able to skate in competition like I can skate in practise. I can get up and talk to people, give seminars etc but as soon as it gets to performing, I seem to fail.

    • Pauline,

      Have you ever noticed the skaters who are actually the most dynamically in control of their skating are the clowns? They LIVE for the audience! Showmanship requires a different set of “nerves” than standing before a crowd and teaching.

      So, like most things in life, success is built on smaller successes, not on failures. Failures only lead to repeated failures. You need to set up a new way of thinking about things; a fresh way.

      Using ZOX Pro Training to change things would be much easier than doing it alone.

      First you would be strengthening your brain with Mental Photography.
      You would be ZOXing Books on skating, and if you have any favorite skaters, you would be ZOXing their biographies, preferably written by them.
      Then you would be supporting your actions with programming.

      What is really fun about what I do is I really don’t desire to know anything about skating, yet I know the intrinsic nature of usually the best people in the skating business – the clowns. If you ask me how I know, I already gave you the answer.

      ZOX Pro – I Live it!

  • Thanks Shannon, I appreciate your feedback. I will see how I can make a change to my thinking.

    Regards Pauline

    • Pauline,

      What I suggested was an exercise of stepping back away from what you have become accustomed to and taking a fresh road.

      I have confidence you can do it!

      When you change the angle from where you see things, the whole world changes around you.


  • How would I overcome a criminal charge I did not commit?

    • Racquel Kerr,

      I want to preface this in a practical way. Quite often these circumstances happen to give you the opportunity to deal with lessons. If you learn from those lessons, you will do well. On the other hand, if you do not learn from your lessons, you get to repeat them until you do.

      A story that paints a picture:

      Over 10 years ago, the IRS had to front a person that had been submitting all of his stationary, travel, and petrol expenses against his income, thus reducing his tax burden. The only issue was the man was unemployed.

      When fronted by the IRS, the man told them how he had created a new occupation; Professional Job Hunter. From that point on, he, and many other unemployed people, became Professional Job Hunters. They were allowed to use their Job Hunting expenses as tax deductions.

      The reason I am telling you this is because when you change the title of what you are doing, you also change the vibration, and your attitude. You may want to consider yourself as Personal Advocate, instead of Victim. In other words, you are creating a professional position for yourself; even though the only client that you as Personal Advocate may ever serve is you.

      Now, instead of me addressing you as Victim, I am addressing you as Personal Advocate. This also places certain responsibility upon you to serve your client to the best of your ability. To achieve those ends, you must gain good information fast. There is no better way to gain good information fast than Mental Photography, or ZOXing.

      Obviously there is a lot more to this, but I need to keep it short.

      Good Luck with your new profession,

  • Hey Shannon, just stopping by, but I couldn’t help but notice your sincere responses to people’s comments and problems. Literally, your comments can range from a few sentences to an essay, it’s amazing.

    The fact that you put so much heart and love into your work really touches my soul, and I had to show my appreciation for you and your work. Your love is through the roof, everyone should know about you and your company, everyone…


    • Vinny,

      Thank you for that nice comment.

      I was just finishing up my next blog entry when your comment arrived – almost if sent by an angel. I think you will like it too.

      Have a nice Holiday,

  • Thank you for issuing this challenge! Several people have voiced my own concerns. I am starting the training today!

  • Many folks must be having great success with ZOXing I ‘m sure some will happily relate their experience in this blog!!

  • Hey,

    I am a musician and songwriter. How can Zox Pro help me become a better musician or songwriter?

    • Shawn,

      Apply ZOX Pro Training to your creativity by Mental Photography (ZOXing) your music and programming yourself to move in the directions you prefer. Use the whole training to get the most out of it fast.


  • I am definitely going to give zox pro a try, I was just curious how soon can an average person start applying the skills after starting ZOX Pro Training?

    • Alula,

      Everyone is different, and have different expectations, so the answer is dependent upon each individual. But you should see some things happening within the first week or so.

  • Hi Shannon,

    I’ve just completed the ZOX Pro Training online course. Great Course!!! Thank You.. I am now working hard to derive the FULL Benefit.

  • I’m dedicated, but I like most people also get discouraged with failure. If I commit myself to do all the ZOX Pro Training Exercises every day, will I achieve what it has to offer?

    • Billy,

      ZOX Pro Training will give you everything we talk about, and more.

      You would ask how can that be? It is because ZOX Pro Training is completely flexible for people to use in any way they choose. It will even affect your life in areas you never even suspected – automatically! You are only limited to what your imagination can come up with.


  • Hi, I want to compete for engineering entrance exam , of my country. The exam is IIT-JEE, the selection is only 2% among 600,000 students. I need to to improve memory so that I can retain formula’s ( of many books of maths,physics, chemistry); and also need to improve my thinking speed so that I can solve problems faster. Will ZOX Pro Training help me in acheiving this?

    • Ray,

      Yes, ZOX Pro Training can help you acheive in all of those areas. Plan to put in the time and commitment that you must do to create your results.