Can ZOXing help ME Increase my Learning Speed?

Simply put, ZOXing sends all of the information to your long term memory.  100% of it –  where you retain it for the rest of your life!

In comparison, reading, even speed reading, only sends a minor amount – only a small fraction of the amount of information.

But, since you have become accustomed to what it feels like when you read something, you get the sensation that you’re gotten the material.  Scientific testing and statistics prove that this is far from reality.

Since ZOXing taps into your natural photographic memory that you were born with, it gives you the ability to absorb information at 100 times the impact of reading.

Whenever you ZOX or mentally photograph, you will not have the same feeling you receive from reading.

You will get feelings associated with ZOXing.  They’re different because ZOXing is a natural brain function whereas reading is not a natural function of the brain.  Reading is a taught function.  Through a repetitive association process, your ZOXing ability will quickly grow as you continue to associate the ZOXing feelings with the materials that you have ZOXed…

Also, the speed at which you ZOX materials starts at 25,000 words per minute … and increases from there.   So, not only are you covering material much more in depth but, you’re also covering material at a much higher rate of speed.   That’s IMPACT… That dramatically increases your learning speed…

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I Don’t Read, I ZOX !!!

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