Powerful! You are so Amazing

Do you experience enough passionate and powerful moments?

You and I are Amazingly Powerful.

When you are passionate about achieving an outcome, when you are motivated and enthusiastic about doing so, when you deeply want to achieve something, history shows that you can be amazingly effective.

In these moments, you commit huge amounts of time, energy, money, and any other resources that will help you achieve that outcome.

Now spend some time contemplating the times in your life when you have felt and acted in this way.

And then contemplate how you felt after you achieved such an outcome, about which you cared so deeply: I suggest you felt powerful, excited, exhilarated, and even unstoppable.

Now contemplate what you learned from the harnessing of your passion and the pursuit of that outcome. I suggest you learned very valuable lessons, experienced life in a deep and meaningful way, and that you became a more capable and competent human being.

Passionate and Powerful Moments

Do you experience such passionate and powerful moments in your life often enough? What is the price you pay when you miss out on these moments?

Life can be hard, but it is through facing the hardships that we grow. Children whose parents protect them from hardship are less than competent. Adults who avoid hardship basically cease to grow.

Experienced business people with 30 years’ business experience in the same job, who do not impress others with their abilities, are often accurately (and unkindly) described as having only one year of business experience repeated 30 times!

Now spend some time contemplating your greatest achievements in your life; I am quite sure that you would identify experiences that were difficult and time-consuming and energy-sapping! You are ‘proud’ of your achievements because they were difficult, not because they were easy. You have become who you are through your many achievements, big and small.

It is not an achievement for most people:

  • To eat their meals
  • To tie their shoelaces
  • To travel to their workplaces
  • To handle a mobile phone
  • To go to the movies
  • To spend money
  • To do what they habitually do.

My challenge to you now is to ask: are you avoiding the difficult issues and challenges in your life? Are you living your life in a way that seeks ease and comfort, rather than attempting the tasks and roles that are difficult, challenging, exhilarating and educational?

Time to Change

If your answer to either or both of these questions is yes, then now is the time to change your mindset. Now is the time to understand deeply that you are meant to experience passionate powerful moments that expand your capabilities and your competencies, so that you develop into the amazingly powerful person that universe, or God, has designed you to be.

When you are developing into such a person, you can make the contribution to this beautiful planet on which we live that you are meant to be making.

Remember: everything is difficult before it is easy.

Go for it, with Passion!

Charles B Kovess LL.B. (Hons), LL.M., MAICD, MAITD
Australasia’s Passion Provocateur
Certified Speaking Professional

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  • Thank you for this post…….very energizing……

  • Christian Zülch

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for your emails and stuff!
    Well, I’m living my life only for freedom and to accomplish my personal tasks and to help other good people!
    Even if it means no money and no friends because it’s the right thing to live and die for – freedom!
    Without it, life means nothing! There should be more people like me. But the problem is that not many people realize that they´re not really free…
    You go to your every day workplace, but are you really free?
    Street-life means freedom, or in other words, it means more freedom above others. And that’s the way I want to go! I want to become a great leader! :)))

    Bye guys! Have a nice week!

    • Hi Christian,

      It is good to want to be a leader. One of the best ways to be a leader is to think and act like one. A good hero for you may be Mahatma Gandhi.

      You don’t become a good leader agreeing with everything.