Be Passionate about Taking Responsibility. Stop the Blame Game

Be Passionate

Take Responsibility

There is nothing quite so empowering as taking responsibility.

There is also little doubt that most people do not like doing this!

As a lawyer for 20 years, I experienced many people running to their lawyers, asking for help, playing the role of victim, by blaming others for their problems. These people had entered into transactions and legal relationships and did not want to accept responsibility.

8 Key Strategies to Avoid Responsibility

Blame is one of the 8 key strategies that people use rather than to take responsibility.

The other 7 strategies are:

  • Make excuses
  • Justification
  • Apathy
  • Pass the Buck
  • Avoidance
  • Denial
  • Complain and do nothing.

These 8 strategies are used by victims and/or martyrs. They are very seductive. They are easy to do, and if you are a victim, it is likely that you will get sympathy, attention, and perhaps even compensation. Just contemplate what happens to those people who are featured in television current affairs programs!

Yet, it is ultimately depressing playing the role of victim. There is nothing inspirational about doing so.

The Blame Game

In fact, if you play the ‘blame game’, my shorthand description of any of the 8 strategies mentioned above, you are highly unlikely to learn what you need to learn from your experiences. There will be little growth in your life. I have found that if I totally accept responsibility for whatever I experience at any point in my life, I learn very quickly the lessons that are contained in such experiences. The faster I learn my lessons, the better I get

We need to be aware of why there is such a tendency to play the blame game.

Leaders Often Set a BAD Example

Our political leaders set a lousy example for us, followed closely by business leaders. When politics or business go bad, most leaders busily run around avoiding any possible hint that they may have had any part in any failures or mistakes or misadventures. Further, they then look for the scapegoats, and boast to the media that ‘heads will roll’.

Do not be drawn into such behavior. It will destroy you.

Do the Right Thing for You

Mind to Mind and ZOX Pro Training are both processes that help you develop the mental toughness and resilience to improve your ability to do this.

When you take responsibility and blame nobody for what happens to you, you are in control of your life. You have a chance of living an inspiring life. It is an energizing way to live life.

I commend it to you.

Charles B Kovess

Charles B Kovess LL.B. (Hons), LL.M., MAICD, MAITD
Australasia’s Passion Provocateur
Certified Speaking Professional

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  • Norman McCulloch

    Hello Charles,
    Thank you for the educational information. It is interesting to learn why we should take the blame ourselves and be more responsible, so that we learn from it. I especially liked this phrase “The faster I learn my lessons, the better I get”