Passion vs. Drugs. You Have Unlimited Energy Stored Here!

Passion vs. Drugs

Your passion, and the need for drugs to handle depression

My definition of passion is that it is ‘a source of unlimited energy from your soul, or your spirit, or your heart that enables you to produce extraordinary results’.

Far too many people, research shows, are not pursuing their passion or doing what they love, or are not enthusiastic about their work. I love the etymology of ‘enthusiasm’: it comes from two Greek words, ‘en’ and ‘theos’, meaning ‘inside God’. When you are enthusiastic, you are similar to the mindset of God!

Published information from Governments around the world show that vast numbers of people are taking anti-depressant drugs, at huge cost to themselves, to their families, and to Governments that fund these drugs or fund health systems that have to deal with people suffering from depression- like symptoms.

Note that I did not say ‘depressed people’: this is a label that is thrown around far too often. There is a range of over 20 symptoms that lead one to conclude that depression is being experienced by a person, but it is a continuum along a combination of symptoms.

It is not black or white, depressed or not depressed!

Pursue Passion

I passionately believe that if more people were pursuing their passion in their work, and in their lives, the need for anti-depressant drugs would drop dramatically!

I believe that depression-like symptoms arise because human beings find their spirits being ‘depressed’, or ‘squashed’. They are not in touch with their spirit because they are ignoring their passions! They are ignoring what they love to do. They are ignoring the yearning of their spirits, their souls. This is a depressing thought in itself!

Anti-Depressants and Brain Chemistry

Through the passage of time, some people might presently need anti-depressants because their brain chemistry has been so damaged by depressive thoughts over the years that they cannot function without the drugs. I acknowledge this need, but it does not apply to most drug takers. Even for such people, weaning one’s self off the drugs simply takes longer than most.

Matt Ridley, in his wonderful book Genome, points out that our non-physical thoughts cause our genes to produce physical chemicals in our bodies. Depressive thoughts produce depressive chemicals.

If you are taking anti-depressant drugs, or you have family or friends who take them, then make the decision to discover and then pursue your passions. Your life is too precious and valuable to spend it doing anything that generates depression-like symptoms.

Find Your Passion… Find Your Way

My various articles on the Mind to Mind website will be a great start for you on this journey.

Mind to Mind and ZOX Pro Training are both processes that help you develop the mental toughness and resilience to improve your ability to be ever more disciplined in your behaviors.

Charles B Kovess

Charles B Kovess LL.B. (Hons), LL.M., MAICD, MAITD
Australasia’s Passion Provocateur
Certified Speaking Professional

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  • Thank you for your insight. I am learning more now than I have in the past 68 years. Do you think we are surrounded by finger pointers? Growing up I can see I was surrounded by it and some times encouraged to play the blame game. Thank you again and please, please don’t lose my Email address. Larry McClure

    • Hi Larry,

      I believe we are in an age that the systems in place encourage people to blame anyone else other than taking responsibility for themselves.

      There is an old saying about pointing fingers. “When you are pointing at someone else, there are three fingers of the same hand point back at you.”

      Keep Learning!