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Announcement – Webinar 2 – Mental Photography, Photographic Memory, Dyslexia

Now Available…
ZOX Pro Training Webinar – 2

Topics covered in this Webinar:

Mental Photography (ZOXing)
Photographic Memory
Quantum Information
Natural Brain Function

Discover how to assimilate and retain over 50,000+ WPM for life!

Shannon Panzo
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Interview of Edgar Mitchell, Shannon Panzo, and Michael Dukakis

Interview of Edgar Mitchell, Shannon Panzo, and Michael Dukakis
Apologies… I wanted to make sure everything was in place first. That is why the short notice.

I will be interviewed on the Internet and would like you to be there.
3 people will be interviewed during this show:

Edgar Mitchell, PhD of Noetic Science
Shannon Panzo, PhD […]

Brain Facts #10 – NEWS: ‘Fear of Flying’ Phobia Update

Fear of Flying

 (Sorry, We were taking a picture of an airplane, but it flew behind the Eiffel Tower.)

FYI: Aviophobia or Aviatophobia – The fear of flying

A phobia can be based upon rational and irrational fear.

A classic case of a phobia that has intrinsic value for each side is the Fear of Flying.

Logically, it is […]

Brain Facts #9 – Your Attention Please – Concentrate

Attention to Detail

Most adults have an attention span of about 20 minutes, but can concentrate longer on really interesting topics. Children’s attention spans usually approximate their ages – which means that your six-year-old can only focus on one thing for about six minutes.

Therefore, anything you can do to increase your ability to concentrate will […]

Brain Facts #7 – Your Brain Never Sleeps

Restless Brain

Even while you’re snoozing, your brain constantly transmits information through motor circuits that send information to your muscles and glands, while receiving information from sensory circuits located throughout your body. It is only when your brain ceases to send these signals that you really have something to worry about.

Looking for a good night […]