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Mental Photography and Brain Management

If you lived to 500 years old… You need Brain Management and Mental Photography
From Mind To Mind (, Thank you for taking time to read this important information. This article reveals one of the the greatest assets you can ever obtain for yourself. It is important that you not ignore how much impact it […]

Education System vs Public Interest – Using Photographic Memory

Education System vs Public Interest
Encouraging and implementing the photographic memory in school
Education’s War on Change…
Educators are steadfast when it comes to implementation of reading as the vehicle for gaining information and testing as the method for calculating student ability to retain what they have read. But testing in a clinical sense does not […]

Be Surprised About Father’s Day

Father’s Day
Do you know when was the FIRST Father’s Day Celebration held?

My curiosity drove me to research Father’s Day. What I found, was quite a surprise to me…

The First Father’s Day:

In 1910, a Father’s Day celebration was held in Spokane, Washington, at the YMCA by Sonora Smart Dodd. Its first celebration was in the […]

How was ZOX Pro Training created?

How was ZOX Pro Training created?

Born out of Speed Reading
Richard Welch, before he was known as the “Father of Mental Photography”, bought the American Speed Reading Academy in Phoenix, Arizona. After finding the deficits with speed reading, Richard challenged his staff to discover a great deal more; and discover they did! Out of speed […]

ZOX Pro Training – Self Motivation vs Positive Motivation

Self Motivation vs Positive Motivation
ZOX Pro Training
Brain Management
There seems to be confusion over the difference between Positive Motivation and Self Motivation and just how they are both used in the seminar market. ZOX Pro Training focuses on Self Motivation, while other seminars are focusing on Positive Motivation.

Self Motivation is very different than Positive Motivation, […]