Mindset- Are You Attracting Streets Lined With Gold?

Using the Law of Attraction, if you think you have given up (or lost) something along the way, you automatically attract whatever you were unfortunate (or fortunate) enough to lose back into your life. This includes a poverty mindset. But you can change your views to ensure that you don’t re-attract it back into your life, by being true to yourself, committed, resourceful and passionate on your path to success.

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A World with Little Imagination and even Less Aspiration!

The media could shine a path to the salvation so many of us seek. But the dreary path makes for much bigger news. When was the last time you heard of people counting their blessings or stopping to smell the roses? Seldom, if at all, unless you associate exclusively with steadfast optimists. It’s easy to be drawn into all the bad news and negative people.

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Law of Attraction vs. Human Pheromones :: Smells, Odors, and You

Where would we be without our olfactory sense? Opposites attract; at least where electromagnetism is concerned. But what about attraction between two people? Romantic passion stays active for about two weeks. Is two weeks also the amount of time required to get accustomed to the other person’s pheromones?

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Integrity and Truth :: Power for Healing and Wellness

Your body, mind and spirit become weak and STRESSED when you don’t know your truth. It is living a lie. You lose integrity and toughness and become vulnerable to Dis-Ease (literally NOT being at ease; translated as “disease”). When your body is under stress, you are not effective or efficient.

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Innovations in Brain Management, ZOX Pro Training, Mental Photography

What is the difference between ZOX Pro Training and the Brain Management Home Study Training?
When Brain Management expanded into the global market, we were pulled in all directions. We were asked to teach groups of people all over the world. We needed a solution. First came the Brain Management Home Study Training, then ZOX Pro Training.

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Global Economic Crisis, Social Security, Retirement Planning

Your secret dream might have been to retire at 50 but unless you started retirement planning decades ago or you are lucky and win the lottery, that’s not realistic. If you are like most of the population, you have very little saved in your nest egg. Most of the population has less than $5,000 saved.

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Understanding Success, Failure, and Lessons in Self Improvement

Everything that happens to us happens for a purpose.

“You are likely to learn more out of anything that you fail than learn from passing.”
It makes sense. You will learn many lessons when you fail at something.
But if you pass that event, you have no reason to look for your lessons.

“Wherever you are, that is where you are meant to be, experiencing the things you were meant to experience.”

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