Do You Invest in Yourself?

Why do so few people invest in their education?


How much do you invest in your education?
When was the last time you spent actual cash to further your education?
I have crafted 7 Strategies for Passionate Performance in Your Life, that are available from my website. One of those Strategies is this:

‘Invest 5% of your time and your money in your education and ongoing learning’

This means 8 hours a week plus a 5% portion of your income. Imagine if you are earning $75000 pa, you would invest $3750 pa in courses and learning.

The best available evidence shows that less than one in 10 people invest money in their education after they have finished their secondary or tertiary education, this is the best way to invest money. Many universities and Technical Colleges are struggling financially because they cannot get enough students.
This is a ridiculous state of affairs, and must change for the sake of each individual’s future, and for the future of your country. In a rapidly-changing world with dramatic technology advances, together with global economic challenges and changes, how can any person hope to stay current and valuable with ongoing learning and development?
Such a hope is ridiculous, as I said.
Do not be one of these people.
Why do so few people invest in their education? Here are some reasons that I believe to be the cause:

  • · They hated their importance of education when they were at school
  • · They got little value from their past education
  • · They do not want to learn something new, because they may have to do something new, leading to increased risk of failure
  • · They do not understand the value of learning something new
  • · They are lazy, unmotivated, unhealthy, worn-out by the existing demands of life
  • · They are broke, and cannot afford to spend any money on it
  • · They have lost their passion
  • · They prefer to blame others for their existing predicaments, rather than taking responsibility.
  • · They do not have the time because of too much happening in their lives at present.

Do you know of other reasons? Please send them to me.

When you understand the value and clear imperative of continuing your learning and development, you will wake up and invest.

You are your most valuable resource!

Go for it, with passion!

Charles B Kovess LL.B. (Hons), LL.M., MAICD, MAITD
Australasia’s Passion Provocateur
Certified Speaking Professional

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  • You are correct.

  • Another reason people do not continue education is that they have been taught in reverse. Doctors have learned to die sooner, lawyers to twist the law, in general vested interests is the norm; if integrity becomes the norm, education will continue.

    • Juan,

      You have an unusual way of looking at things. There are 2 things that I would like to point out. Everyone has integrity. But, how high is there integrity, and have they sacrificed their integrity? Most people regret they sacrificed their integrity for so little, or only short term gains. Some have such a low level of integrity, it doesn’t matter where they wind up. This reverberates what you are suggesting about attorneys.

      Education! We almost need to look at that the same way. First you need to define, at least for yourself, what education means. It means many different things to people. In some ways, maybe we don’t want certain types of education to be recreated. (You can use the Nightly News as reference.)

      Good Luck out there in a world full of personal hazard. So, yes, you should be investing in yourself first.