Whatever Happened to “Mary Had a Little Lamb”?

Mary Had a Little Lamb…

Where is Mary now?… What happened to the lamb?… Details at 11:00…

I want to take a moment to help you check something that is influencing your life – The Media.

If you feel good after watching the nightly news, you should probably be seeing a mental health professional. The nightly news has become a train wreck followed by a series of car crashes. You would probably feel better watching a Crash-up Derby.


The Daytona 500…

Speaking of the Crash-up Derby… I think everyone watching the Daytona 500 got their thrills in the first few minutes of the race. It must be a HUGE relief valve on the daily pressure cooker to witness millions of dollars worth of cars, with millions of dollars worth of advertising get bashed beyond recognition in a matter of moments of starting the race. If you were able to listen real closely over the cacophony of screaming engines at ear popping decibels, you would have heard a great Hisss… like steam escaping. (That was a Joke… Relieving pressure…)

If that weren’t enough car crashes, you also had the Oscar’s! The most amazing thing I observe about the Oscar’s is the aftermath. This occurs with any of the award shows. There are even spoofs of award shows demonstrating just how silly the whole thing is. The magazines alone will gain enough gossip in that few hours to keep stories coming out for the next year. It makes me wonder if they have a magazine or TV show called “The Oscar Review“. Imagine, 24 hours a day coverage of past Oscars with a countdown meter till the next one. What fun! (If they invent it after this article comes out, I want my cut.)

I was originally talking about the nightly news… So, along with the stories I just mentioned that in some way are meant to make you feel good. If you are not already depressed, we also have the Big Dollar political posturing, squandering, manipulating, agitating, humiliating, and just downright name calling. I guess that about sums it all up.

Oh, remember I had asked, “Whatever Happened to “Mary Had a Little Lamb“? Well, I am sure by now you can figure out what happened to them once the nightly news got a hold of the story… It was NOT a happy ending, for either of them. CSI got involved. (Sorry, a little bit of wry sarcasm.)

Ooops… Almost forgot.

The most important thing that most people actually sit through and watch the news for, is always clear at the end of the news cast; the Weather Report. I hope for your sake the sun is shining tomorrow. So, if you are eating your lunch outside, you can catch a few rays on your pale skin to produce a little Vitamin D and be a little more resilient to your environment.


Charity Begins at Home…

If you don’t do things to help yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally, for your sake, START! If you take steps to deal with the components of your “triad” – mental, physical, and spiritual (emotional), then you should take a moment to check if what you are doing now is effective. Times change, people change. What was working for you before may no longer be relevant to your current life. Check it.


There is a lot riding on you…

Of course you may want to be doing something that is more fun than reconstructing YOU into the better person. That is up to you. I gave you only one example of what the media is throwing at you every day. You need to take measures to fend off the tears of others. You can start by turning the TV off.

Shannon Panzo, Mental Photography Expert

Great Things Happen Here!

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  • Dear Friends

    I appreciate your help!!!

    Sincerely yours

  • The media….

    Someone sent me an funny email the other day. The Subject was “How to Train Monkeys”. You take 5 freshly captive (wild) monkeys and put them in an cage, and tie some ripe juicy sweet bananas to the top of that cage and leave a step ladder inside.

    Event 1: When the monkeys reach for dinner, spray them all with frigid water from an fire hose.

    Event 2: When the next one steps up for the fruit spray him then the others.

    Event 3: When the next one gets up spray all the other monkeys and not the offending monkey.

    Results: Pretty soon the monkeys will stop the other monkeys from reaching for their prize.

    Secondary results: After that, you can replace one trained monkey with another wild one over and over and the other four will “Teach It” PETA would probably object to this method but it’s used on us every day, but no one is going to protest for us.

    • Thanks for the intrigue!

      The topic you raise is controversial only in the way it is used on animals. It does actually sound similar to some of the inner workings of the Education System.

      (No animals were physically harmed for these experiments.)