The Photographic Memory – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words …   The Photographic Memory … ZOX Pro Training has been teaching people how to use their photographic memory since 1975. The parent organization, Educom, Inc., has  been teaching the Mental Photography techniques in Brain Management training since the beginning. We released ZOX Pro Training onto the Internet in 2008. People around the

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The Photographic Memory :: Myth, Legend, Fact or Fiction

The elusive photographic memory… ever experienced it?

Chances are you may have come across it in grandiose Hollywood films and television shows.

Furthermore, the photographic memory is expressed in such a way that it seems both superhuman and abnormal!

You owe it to yourself to find out more.

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Self-Developmentitus – Losing Your Effectiveness?

Some people can lose their effectiveness while pursuing the “better me” within. Determine what you want in life. Difficulties and obstacles will make it more challenging, but should not deter you from pursuing your goals or losing your effectiveness.

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Exercise Your Brain through Mental Photography

One of the great benefits of Mental Photography is that it enhances your experience of reading. On average, an adult will read at approximately 250 words per minute (wpm) however, an adult who is trained in Mental Photography techniques will generally be able to read at 25,000 wpm (or more!). Mental Photography Mental Photography is a learning technique that allows

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