Is Life Fair? Look at the World Naked, Laid Bare, and Nude

Life is fair!

Have you always believed that life is inherently unfair, regardless of how much you wish that circumstances were otherwise? So why is life so unfair? One way to address the question is to visualize everyone in the world as “naked.” That includes you – me, EVERYONE! Reactions to this revealing turn of […]

New Year Resolutions – Making them and Breaking them

Eat less

Stop smoking

Exercise more

Be nice to people

STOP wasting Time!

It is the same thing each year. You make a bunch of promises that you will never keep.

Read Further, if you want to find out HOW to make it work.

True Friends are Hard to Find

True Friends...

As you go through life you create many connections with others.

Most of those connections have little to no true worth.

Other connections are worthwhile and meaningful.

This poem was presented to me as a result of a meaningful and worthwhile connection with someone else; a page from their life experience.

By sharing it with you, I hope you will gain something from it as well.

Law of Attraction vs. Human Pheromones :: Smells, Odors, and You

Where would we be without our olfactory sense? Opposites attract; at least where electromagnetism is concerned. But what about attraction between two people? Romantic passion stays active for about two weeks. Is two weeks also the amount of time required to get accustomed to the other person’s pheromones?

Pheromones – Does a Law on Human Attraction Exist?

Opposites Attract. Romantic passion stays active for about 2 weeks. Is that the time it takes for us to get accustomed to the pheromones of the other person?