True Friends are Hard to Find

True Friends…

As you go through life you create many connections with others.

Most of those connections have little to no true worth.

Other connections are worthwhile and meaningful.

This poem was presented to me as a result of a meaningful and worthwhile connection with someone else; a page from their life experience.

By sharing it with you, I hope you will gain something from it as well.

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Do You Invest in Yourself?

Why do so few people invest in their education? How much do you invest in your education? When was the last time you spent actual cash to further your education? I have crafted 7 Strategies for Passionate Performance in Your Life, that are available from my website. One of those Strategies is this: ‘Invest 5% of your time and your

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Speak the Truth. Others know.

Speak the Truth The need to speak the truth and the role of your passion in doing so I am a huge fan of Buckminster Fuller, a man who died in 1983 but who was awarded 47 Honorary Doctorates from Universities around the world. He was a genius, and his work lives on. In the introduction to his last book,

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Handle Bad Employment News

Bad Employment News … Why your passion helps you to handle the negative news on unemployment Everywhere I look, there is bad news on jobs. Major corporations all around the world, including Australia where I am based, and in the USA, are making frequent announcements about job losses. At the same time, the news media is regularly publishing survey results

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The Word of the Day is Support, S U P P O R T

The Word of the Day – Support How to achieve your change: designing your Support As I said before in my previous article,s changing behavior is usually most difficult. The two key factors that you need are Stimuli to change, and then Support. That earlier blog discussed your Stimuli. This article will deal with the value of designing the necessary

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You are so Amazingly Powerful!

Do you experience enough passionate and powerful moments? You and I are Amazingly Powerful. When you are passionate about achieving an outcome, when you are motivated and enthusiastic about doing so, when you deeply want to achieve something, history shows that you can be amazingly effective. In these moments, you commit huge amounts of time, energy, money, and any other

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